Virtual Assistants and How They Give You Your Life Back

Virtual Assistants and How They Give You Your Life Back


We all have too much on our plates causing us stress, exhaustion, and soon enough bitchiness, and that stress/bitchiness spills over into our quality time with friends and family. And, this is if you can muster up said quality time in the first place.

The joys of bringing on a freelancing Virtual Assistant are plentiful but let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the matter, MONEY. Firstly, if you were to hire an employee as opposed to a freelancer, then you would be responsible for overhead, medical insurance, vacation time, and sick pay which all add up quickly. You can instead use this money to grow your business.

There are also Virtual Assistants for just about everything and every niche and remember that you want quality, so going super cheap will only get you super cheap results. Recovering from sub-par work can be difficult.


Here are some of the ways that a freelancing virtual assistant can help your business:


  • Blog Management – Editing, Formatting, Creating a Blog Calendar, & Scheduling Posts
  • Content Creation – Writing blog posts on the subjects you requested
  • Blog Content Research – Finding great content to share with your readers
  • Social Media Management – Editing, Formatting, Basic Graphic Designs, Social Media Calendar, Group Administration, and scheduling posts
  • Social Media Marketing – Coming up with marketing funnels that will suit the potential growth of your business
  • Social Media Content Research – Finding great content to share with your followers
  • Social Media Advertising – Helping to create amazing social media ads that increase traffic and converts them to customers
  • Landing Page Creation – Creating the one page opt in’s where people are signing up for an offer
  • Customer Service – This spans many facets such as phone support, web chat support, email support and many others
  • Email Management – Taking care of your inbox with responses, organization and customer support
  • Email Marketing – Creating your newsletters, managing your email list, creating email campaigns and editing/formatting emails – Specialties in particular programs as well
  • Events Management – From planning through to the actual event and beyond which can include Sourcing Venues, Marketing the Event, Sourcing Vendors, Managing Registration, Billing, and Managing all Inquiries
  • E-commerce Support – Order Processing, Inventory Management, Graphic Design, Listing Creation, Tracking of Orders, Analysis of Sales, and Customer Service
  • Product Launch VA – Creating Sales Pages, Pre-launch set-up, Launching of product, Social Media Support, Affiliate Marketing, and Follow-up Marketing to name a few areas that need support
  • Podcast Production – Schedule Guests, Writing Interview Questions, Editing Audio, Publishing, Writing Show Notes, and Promotion
  • Administrative – Travel Planning, Meeting Scheduler, Spreadsheets, Billing & Collecting, Database Entry, Data Presentations, plus a lot more


These are just the things that I could come up with off the top of my head, but I know there are thousands of other ways that a Virtual Assistant can make your life easier. Research your niche or needs, and I am positive you will find someone that fits.


The #1 thing that most entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to having a Virtual Assistant is knowing what work they should give them.


This problem is an easy to solve equation because it only involves having a 15-minute conversation. Tell the VA where you struggle, what tasks take up too much of your time, and what would make your life easier. I also strongly suggest that you look for a Virtual Assistant with some experience or training in the areas that you need the most help in to avoid too much of your time spent on instruction.

Virtual Assistants are there to help make your business successful, and they want your business to grow so that they can grow with you. These are not just people that come and go, but valuable relationships that can change the way you do business for the better and you, your friends and family will thank them for giving you your life back.

I would love to help you create your optimal business life balance so please check out my services page to see where I can best serve you.