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Are you a digital nomad, freelancer, and/or entrepreneur without the time to focus on the many tasks you have on your to-do list?


Are you unable to grow your business because you are too overwhelmed by the “behind the scenes” tasks that are begging for your constant attention?


We want to give you your life back by taking on those “never-ending” duties that don’t allow you to do all those things that you got into your business to do. You want to see the world and live in the moment; then we can help you make that happen.


We are also avid travelers and digital nomads, so we empathize and understand the challenges that this life creates but also the unlimited freedom and beauty it allows. We genuinely want to see your dreams get achieved!


“Kaycee is an absolutely invaluable member of our team and has been since she started 6 years ago.  Her commitment to our students and community members is second to none – this is not just a “job” for her but a true calling and she puts her heart and soul into it.  There’s a reason she’s called “mama bear” by our community members.  On top of her incredible commitment and dedication to the community, she’s also excelled in a variety of other roles, including handling all the front-line communication and our email inbox.  The world is better when Kaycee is the first touch point to our brand and community and her loyalty and dedication are second to none.  I love having her as part of our leadership team and our community manager.”

Travis Sherry

Owner, Location Indie & Extra Pack of Peanuts,

I highly recommend Kaycee if you are looking for a virtual assistant. She excels in social media scheduling, Canva design, writing blog posts and assisting with special projects. Her professionalism, kindness, and positive attitude make her a valuable asset. Her dedication to her work and clients is truly commendable, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my business. If you’re seeking a reliable and friendly virtual assistant, she is the perfect choice.

Lindsey Nickel

Owner, Lovely Day Events & Lovely Day Legacies

It was SO wonderful working with Kaycee! At first, my business’ social media accounts had no direction or schedule. From Week 1, she put plans and a variety of content in place which my audience enjoyed. Knowing that she had my social media and blog posts under control, I was able to focus on what I actually enjoy doing in our business! And best of all, her positive energy and proactive attitude were so refreshing. She really was a valuable member of my team!!! Looking forward to working with her again in the future 🙂
Mao Murakami


I’ve had a research project on the back burner literally for over a year and kept meaning to get to it, but you know how these things go!  I put it off and put it off until I found Kaycee!  Kaycee did the exact high-quality research I needed and completed my project just as I wanted.  Now it’s finally off my plate, and it doesn’t take up any of my mental space anymore!  I’ll be seeking Kaycee out for future projects.  It’s a huge relief to know that there’s someone I can rely on to provide high-quality assistance for many different aspects of my business.  Thank you, Kaycee!
Lily Ann Fouts

Owner, Travel Beyond Excuse

I dragged my heels for months on hiring a virtual assistant because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find someone trustworthy and reliable. When I finally bit the bullet in April, I screened several potential VAs. It was extremely important to find someone who cared about my business, understood its mission, and (since they’d have access to my inbox!) was extremely trustworthy. My worries went away when I found Kaycee. She demonstrated extreme care, and I trusted her instantly. Having her check and respond to my emails and organize my inbox relieves a huge amount of stress and saves me a ton of time. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, dependable VA.
Amy Rigby

Owner, Freelance Travel Writer, & Blog Writer,

Kaycee has enthusiasm for every project she takes on. She makes great suggestions and helps you tick those tasks that are always on your list. I have multiple projects running, Kaycee helped me set up multiple mailing lists for my different projects to help grow my subscribers and expand my businesses.
Hayley Akins

Owner, Animation & Motion Hatch

Meet Me

Close up of virtual assistant Kaycee Bowen

I have been a virtual assistant for 7+ years and I have learned so much about building a successful and thriving VA business that I want to pass that knowledge on to you.

My niches include podcast assisting, email marketing, community management, and social media management just to name a few but I still consider myself a general VA overall since I adore doing a lot of everything.

I have also helped entrepreneurs build their own coaching programs, courses, bundle sales, and have facilitated many live streams and recorded events. While I am a virtual assistant and specialize in helping folks get into the biz, my clients have included wedding planners, coaches, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, travel bloggers and podcasters, podcasting companies, and many, many, other fields so my specialties run the gamut. 

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